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Check out what’s new, the known issues and frequently asked questions about the latest product releases.

If you wish to report an issue with the current releases, please do so by submitting a Bug Report. You can also receive help and advice from fellow users and our technical team by visiting the Support Forums.

Visual Explorer Ultimate v3.1 (build - released December 15, 2011

All recent enhancements to Visual Explorer have been incorporated into Visual Explorer Ultimate.

The video capture and download module has been updated to fix broken sites and add an additional 22 sites. Further details are available in the Visual
     Explorer Ultimate help file.

Visual Explorer v3.1 (build - released December 15, 2011

Optimized HTTP connectivity for up to 25% faster load times.

Optimized the Compatibility View code to emulate Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9.

Added a Shift+F6 Compatibility View shortcut.

Fixed issue with the “Open in New Window” right-click menu option not finding and correctly loading the target web page.
Visual Explorer Ultimate v3.0 (build - released November 02, 2011

All recent enhancements to Visual Explorer have been incorporated into Visual Explorer Ultimate.

Added the ‘Save Webpage Video’ feature (shortcut F2), enabling videos to be downloaded from 350+ sites including YouTube, Metacafe, Google Videos, Bing,
     Yahoo! Video, Dailymotion etc.

Added the option to automatically convert downloaded videos to a variety of popular video formats.

Added the ‘Convert Video on Disk’ feature (shortcut F6), enabling video conversion to a range of formats and to suit a range of popular devices including iPod,
     iPhone, iPad, Android, Sony PSP and MP3.

Visual Explorer v3.0 (build - released November 02, 2011

Optimized the loading of web pages and handling of Jscript code and debugging.

Optimized the application start-up (launch) process, which is now considerably faster.

Added the ‘Video View’ user interface (shortcut F7), providing a purpose designed environment for watching videos from popular video sharing sites.

Added the ‘Remove Noise’ user interface (shortcut F8) for watching YouTube videos in a clean and clear interface, with the “background noise” turned off.

Added ‘Arrange All’ option to the Tab bar, allowing multiple web pages to be viewed at the same time.

Added ‘preparing web page’ dialog message prior to capturing web pages for the Print, Edit and Save Web Page functions.

Removed the Navigate bar’s Rewind and Fast Forward buttons as per user feedback.

Removed dependency on Res.dll library, due to occasional conflicts under Windows 7.

Moved the integrated Blueg.com search engine to Blueg.org.

Fixed issue with the Mouse Gestures function not correctly adding new gestures or displaying them in the report view.

Fixed issue with the Tab Browser whereby thumbnails would not always get created.

Fixed the ‘default browser’ checks under Windows Vista/7 and corrected relevant file associations.

Visual Explorer v2.1 (build - released May 15, 2010

The number of shortcut keys has been greatly increased, with the majority of Internet Explorer style shortcuts now implemented.

The Navigate bar's Rewind/Back/Forward/Fast Forward icons have been re-colored to be more intuitive.

Updated search engine icons in the Search bar's combo box.

The main Visual Explorer title bar heading has been re-arranged to show the web page title first.

Added option to remove all add-ons via the Tools, Manage Add-ons menu.

Fixed issue with the Explorer Bar's 'Source' tab being empty when viewing web pages.

Fixed issue with the Explorer Bar's 'RSS' tab. Clicking the Update or Update All buttons caused an error if the RSS list was empty.

Fixed issue with Content/Popup Filter displaying an error if the list was empty.

Visual Explorer v2.0 (build - released December 01, 2009

The application footprint has been significantly reduced. All code has been optimized.

The application start-up (launch) and exit times are now considerably faster.

Optimized and updated the management of favorites (optimized the memory usage, updated monitor notifications).

Web page addresses are now loaded on demand within the address bar, enhancing the URL combo drop-down and speeding the user experience.

Favorites toolbar added.

Tab icon animations and thumbnail previews are now available as options (disabled by default to enhance tab interactivity).

Theme support now includes Office 2007 Aqua, Blue, Black and Silver themes.

Added support for one-click master sound on/off, accessible via status bar and Filter menu.

Installation support extended for Windows 7.

Un-installation process now fully removes Registry entries and installation folder including user preference data for a 100% clean uninstall.

Visual Explorer v1.2 (build - released November 24, 2008

Introduced the Cloaking Device feature, designed to help ensure the user’s privacy when browsing secure web pages.

Introduced the custom BlueG search engines, shown on the Explorer Bar and Search Bar.

In addition to checking website addresses as they are typed, Safety Filter now uniquely checks the final destination page (to protect users against the original
     website re-directing them to a phishing website).

Temporary image files (stored in ‘Images’ folder) now removed when Print as Web Page is initialized.

Fixed the Back/Forward button issue, which occasionally skipped the last visited page.

Fixed issue concerning the re-display of add-on toolbars when toggling full screen (F11) mode.

Visual Explorer v1.2 (build - released November 03, 2008

Introduced Veaddons.exe application, which checks new IE add-ons for compatibility. Veaddonsblocked.config text file contains a list of known problem
     (blocked) IE add-ons.

Added the facility to copy/paste text from current web page into the Explorer Bar’s ‘Search’ tab text box.

Added support for web page thumbnail previews when hovering over tab headings.

Added the facility to use the address bar as a search box. Typing a word or phase and pressing ‘Enter’ now performs a search using the current search

Extended tab right-click options including ‘Lock Tab’ and ‘Copy URL to Clipboard’.

Extended the File menu to include new ‘Send sub-menu options.

The Explorer Bar’s ‘Notepad’ tab now restores typed user notes between Visual Explorer sessions.

Fixed occasional mix-up between website URLs and descriptions when using the Back button in conjunction with the address bar.

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