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Surrey, England - December 2009 For Immediate Release

BlueG Releases Visual Explorer 2 for All-In-One Web Browsing

Developer BlueG announces the latest update to its uniquely customizable web browser.

BlueG today released Visual Explorer 2, a major update to its popular and uniquely customizable web browser. The latest release involved re-developing the core application, making the browser extremely fast to open and use.

The developers say that everything from keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures, to changing the browser's appearance with themes and skins, plus support for Internet Explorer add-ons, all help make Visual Explorer a clear choice for web users looking to switch browsers.

According to Darren Bond, BlueG’s Creative Director, "We want web browsing to be an enjoyable, satisfying and above all personal experience. Visual Explorer achieves this with its clear and exciting interface and one of a kind personalization tools."

Visual Explorer 2 boasts a re-designed and optimized product that works faster, due to a smaller application footprint. Much of the browser is seamlessly compatible with Internet Explorer, making it feel familiar and easy to use. One such area is the user's favorites, now enhanced and with a new Favorites toolbar for one-click access to the user's most visited pages.

Amongst Visual Explorer’s other compelling features are advanced privacy and security features including a phishing filter, one-click Google searches and the Cloaking Device - a useful tool enabling users to make the browser semi-transparent so casual observers cannot snoop on their browsing activities.

"With Visual Explorer users can also print web pages precisely (WYSIWYG) as they appear on screen. Visual Explorer captures the ’real’ page as viewed by the user and sends this to the printer with the usual print preview facility. No other browser does this," added Darren Bond.

The time-saving feature known as Quick Search lets Visual Explorer users right-click any word or phrase on the current web page to search for it using Google or any of their favorite search engines - additional pre-installed search sites include Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, eBay and Facebook. There is also an Advanced Find toolbar at the bottom of the screen to highlight all instances of a selected word on the current web page. In addition, pop-up, media and ad filters are straight off the menu so are easy to switch on and off.

Visual Explorer supports Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 and can be downloaded from http://www.visual-explorer.com

About BlueG

BlueG was founded in January 1999 in England, UK and is the trading name of GlobalCAD Consultants Ltd. In addition to Visual Explorer, the company has been responsible for a range of cutting edge productivity applications published to the design industry.


Darren Bond, Creative Director
Phone: +44 1252 703939
Fax:      +44 1252 703910
Email: press@blueg.com
Website: http://www.visual-explorer.com

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