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Video View

With Video View you can watch videos from popular sharing sites in a purpose designed interface. You can also find videos fast via the dedicated video search box. The Video View button Video View is located on the Navigate Bar.

The Navigate Bar in Video View mode provides a video sites search box in place of the usual address box – from here you can select a video site e.g. YouTube and type a search term e.g. ‘music’ to perform an instant search. The default search box list includes a range of popular video sites including YouTube, Metacafe, Google Videos, Bing, Yahoo! Videos and many more.

Navigate Bar

In addition to using the default video sites shown in the Video View search box list, you can create your own custom video site lists.

Video View Search

You add new video sites by entering a suitable site title, keyword shortcut and the site’s search string - this is the unique search string URL address used by the video site to perform searches.

Remove Noise (YouTube)

The Remove Noise feature lets you watch YouTube videos in a purpose designed interface with the background "noise" turned off. Once a YouTube video has started playing, selecting the Remove Noise button Remove Noise switches to the Remove Noise interface.

Remove Noise

Note - occasionally, some YouTube videos may not play in the Remove Noise interface and instead display the message ‘Embedding disabled by request’. This simply means that the particular video is restricted to being played on the original YouTube page only and cannot be embedded.

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