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Working with tabs

You can have multiple web pages open at the same time, all visible as tabs on the Tab Bar.

You can view multiple web pages at the same time either as floating windows, tile or cascade.

Recover closed tabs simply by clicking the URL Trash Can buttonlocated on the right of the Tab Bar.

Tab Browser
  Default Tab View
      Window view (using Tile Vertically option)

You can quickly view all of the web pages currently open in the form of thumbnail images using Tab Browser. This makes it fast and easy to locate a chosen web page without having to click on every tab.

The Navigate Bar

The Navigate Bar provides the main navigation controls used to browse web pages. This toolbar can be docked at the top or bottom of the screen or freely positioned as a floating toolbar.

navigation bar

You can use the Rewind and Fast Forward buttons to instantly jump to the first or last opened tabs or use their associated drop-down list of sites.
Additional features found on the Navigate Bar include the Address Bar and Search Bar.

The Address Bar

The address bar, also known as the location bar, is where web site addresses (URLs) are typed and displayed. It is located centrally on the Navigate Bar.
Visual Explorer's address bar works intuitively with Internet Explorer's address bar - adding a new URL to Internet Explorer will also be shown in Visual Explorer the next time it is run.
With the address bar you can:

Add or remove favorites with one-click
View the privacy and security status of websites you visit
Receive warnings of suspected phishing websites
Find websites you've visited without the need to type web addresses

address bar

The address bar provides a security status indictor for web pages, with a yellow certification pane indicating a secure web page, as shown below.

address bar

Hover over the certification pane to display a summary of the security certificate information for this web site.

address bar

Click the certification pane to view the full certificate.
Suspected phishing websites are indicated with a red pane and labeled Phishing Website, as shown below. For further details relating to the phishing protection features in Visual Explorer, see Safety Filter.

address bar

The address list view, or drop-down list, provides an intuitive interface when looking for recently typed web site addresses (URLs).

As soon as you start typing anything in the address bar, the drop-down will appear with likely matches - you don't have to complete the full URL of a page you've visited before, Visual Explorer can do that for you. It performs checks across all visited web page addresses and the titles of those web pages. This helps you work faster and is particularly helpful for locating those web pages which you remember visiting but cannot recall the address.

In the example below, simply typing oly when searching for Olympic related websites, we can see a range of sites visited that match this query and whether or not they have been added to your favorites list. The characters you type are automatically and dynamically highlighted in bold in the list. Click on any entry in the list to visit the associated web page.

address bar

Visual Explorer's address bar works intuitively with Internet Explorer's address bar - adding a new URL to Internet Explorer will also be shown in Visual Explorer the next time it is run.

The Explorer Bar

The Explorer Bar provides instant access to a wealth of features including Favorites, History, an advanced RSS Reader and the full range of BlueGTM search engines (powered by Google).
The following tabbed items are accessible via the Explorer Bar:

The Favorites items you see in Visual Explorer are shared with Internet Explorer. This means any changes you make to your favorites in one browser will be instantly replicated in the other.
You can find websites you have visited by date using the History Tab.
BlueGTM is an innovative search engine based entirely on Google results. You can use it to search the web just like Google. You can also search popular categories for music, entertainment, games, sport, fashion, news and more. The Search tab lets you perform instant BlueGTM searches with the option to do this across multiple search categories.


You can view and manage RSS feeds using Visual Explorer's advanced RSS reader. RSS feeds, also known as feeds or web feeds are frequently updated content published by a website. Feeds are usually used for news and blog websites, but can also be used for distributing other types of digital content, including pictures, audio or video. Feeds can also be used to deliver audio content (usually in MP3 format) which you can listen to on your computer or MP3 player - referred to as podcasting.


You can instantly view the source code for web pages in the Source tab. Text that appears in written form on the web page is highlighted in bold for ease of reference. You can copy and paste text from the Source tab into other applications.

View the contents of your local and network drives using the Folders tab. The Folders tab saves time if you need to review your local and network files and folders, avoiding the need to launch a separate file management application such as Windows Explorer.

You can copy and paste text you find on any web page into the Notepad tab for future reference. The act of pasting text into the Notepad tab removes any formatting associated with the text, which can be helpful if you intend copying and pasting that text into another application.

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