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Searching the Web

You can quickly and easily search for web pages on a particular topic just by typing a few words into the Visual Explorer search bar (located on the right of the Navigation toolbar).

Search Engines

For example, if you want to find information about Spanish villas:

Click in the Search Bar
Type the keywords Spanish villas (your typing will replace any text currently shown in the search bar)
Press Return on the keyboard to perform the search

Search results for Spanish villas appear in a new Visual Explorer tab.

Searching the Web (for Text Found within Web Pages)

You can perform instant keyword searches using your favorite search engine, based on any text you find within a web page

Searching for Text on the Current Web Page

You can instantly find text on the current web page, with options to highlight all instances, using the Advanced Find toolbar.

You can set Advanced Find to automatically start searching the current web page for instances of a keyword as soon as you start typing.

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