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Safety Filter (Phishing)

Safety Filter is a feature in Visual Explorer that helps detect phishing websites. Safety Filter can perform the following security checks to determine if a website is valid:

Check the current web page against an online directory of phishing websites
Perform checks before loading each webpage (recommended)
Perform checks on the final destination web page

If the web site you are about to visit is on the list of reported phishing websites, Visual Explorer will display a warning message and a notification on the Address Bar. From the warning message, you can continue to load or halt loading of the offending web page.

web safety
Content Filters

With a range of content filters, Visual Explorer gives you control over what you see. Easily block unwanted websites or website content from appearing (Flash adverts, pop-ups, harmful scripts and more).
The Pop-up Filter in Visual Explorer lets you limit or block most pop-ups. You can choose the level of blocking you prefer, from blocking all pop-up windows to allowing the pop-ups that you want to see. The Popup Filter is turned off by default the first time you use Visual Explorer.

The Content Filter in Visual Explorer lets you block offensive or harmful websites from being displayed.

The Media Filter in Visual Explorer lets you instantly block a variety of web page content from images, Flash animations and sounds to potentially harmful scripts and ActiveX applications.

The full list of content that can be blocked is as follows:

Flash Animations
Animations (e.g. GIF animations)
ActiveX (applications)
Java Applets
Removing Private Data

You can easily remove private data such as web site addresses you have typed into the address bar or content from web pages you have visited.

The Cloaking Device

This unique and innovative feature is designed to help ensure your privacy when browsing secure web pages. When enabled, the Cloaking Device will make Visual Explorer semi transparent so that casual observers cannot snoop on your browsing activities, particularly useful when entering personal or credit card related data online.

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