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Printing Web Pages (How they look on Screen)
The Print as Web PageTM feature within Visual Explorer enables you to print web pages exactly how they look on screen. The unique and innovative technologies employed within Print as Web PageTM mean you get true WYSIWYG output - what you see on screen is faithfully transferred to the printed page.

Traditional web browser print techniques tend only to print a formatted view of the current web page and this does not always provide an accurate hardcopy representation e.g. it may be affected by such things as font substitutions and table/frame/general layout peculiarities.

Print Dialog

You can also capture the current web page as an image, for editing in your favorite image editor.

Print Dialog

Easily save the current web page in PNG, JPG, BMP or GIF file formats.

Print Dialog

The Download Manager

The Download Manager within Visual Explorer allows you to track and manage your past and current file downloads from within a single compact dialog interface. The interface is modeless which means you can set one or more files downloading and continue browsing within Visual Explorer. Download Manager is single threaded and supports both HTTP and FTP file transfer protocols.

You can resume the downloading of any partially downloaded file.

The default speed at which files are downloaded can also be altered dynamically at any time during the download process. This may be beneficial in certain circumstances e.g. where many users have to share an Internet connection or where you need to give priority to another download application (such as BitTorrent).

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